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About the Mural

  • Jim—a friend and employee—was eating at the Alps Pancake House while he stared across Irving Park, thinking how gaudy and unattractive the old advertising from the previous tenant made this corner look.

  • Jim then came up with the idea of using the original Edward Hopper template of "Nighthawks" with some major changes. He juxtaposed notable Chicago Icons and Hollywood stars.

  • We then contacted Ellen Lustig ( to apply the concept to a digital format (mural), and Ellen worked with Sanchez Graphics to have it applied to what you see now, which was not an easy task!

  • We commissioned this mural to add even more character to our great neighborhood and to bring smiles to passersby!

  • Keep an eye out for prints of this work which will be available for sale soon!

Ellen Lustig



Irving Park



Sanchez Graphics & Signs


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